LF some Gears 3 buds

As the topic says I am looking to get some buds to play this with.  I have had this game since September 20th but have found myself playing very little.  I have maybe played it 6 days since its release.  The reason?  I hate playing games solo.  Take Horde mode for instance.

Everytime I do Horde we always get past wave 20 just fine.  As soon as it gets between 23-28 host ALWAYS leaves making everyone else leave because we have to start back at wave 8 or something with all our defenses gone.  Now I don't blame people for getting tired and wanting to quit but if I join Horde I plan to stay all 50 no matter what.  I have gotten to wave 49 by myself.  Its how I got to level 23 without ever going online.

Back to the point.  This isn't nerdraging or anything, just a post looking for DEDICATED people who like this game who would enjoy running Horde mode, Beast mode and maybe the occasional insane Campaign every now and again.  I MIGHT do versus but after seeing that every mode for versus is basically "Sawed Off Shotgun Fest" I don't think I will do that without others I can rely on.  I dislike doing any versus by myself because people want to be Billy **** and solo everything but 99% of the time wind up being the first people to go down.

With all that said if you feel like having a dedicated player who enjoys having fun but keeping it serious when need be shoot me a friend request.  Sorry for most of the arguing, just stating why I want some friends to play with.  Thanks for your time, won't be checking back so send the friend request with a note saying you're wanting a Gears 3 bud to play with.


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Add me if you want. I pretty much only play Horde or Beast and I never quit. Well I did once but it was like 6am and we kept dieing anyways.

Sign me up to play. I got the game last week and haven't put it down since! I can play any day after 4pm Eastern Time. Thanks.