LF Legendary weapons for acheivement.

Hi, I need a few more weapons to complete my collection. This is a list of what I need and what I can trade with.

Shop weapons I need

The casanova

aurora's shield

Shop weapons I have for trade

mirian's mutilator

swift irregular

The merchant's bodyguard




holy vengeance

faerie hammer of the moon king

lunarium pounder

the hero's companion

the splade

desert fury

The love sword

dragonbone hammer

the barnumificator

defender of the faith


Random loot weapons I need

really sharp pair of scissors


the swinging sword

the typo

the ice maiden


the equaliser

Random loot weapons I have for trade


tee killer shooter

dragonstomper .48

arkwright's flintlock

the shreiking pilgrim

the sandgoose x 2

Just pm your offer


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now i only need souldrinker, the swinging sword, bloodcraver and the typo


I have every weapon now, thread ended.

Damn, I need 5 weapons and I'm looking for someone to trade me them so the achievement pops, and then give them back (plus you can have all my other weapons too since I'll have no need for them once I've got this achievement).

I need;


[ ] Scythe's Warhammer


[ ] Bloodcraver

[ ] Briar's Blaster


[ ] The Sandgoose

[ ] Skorm's Justice

If you feel like helping me out just drop me a FR. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. *puppy dog eyes*

I now have this achievement.