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Seeking clan who plays a variety of games with all members and not just a small group of friends.  Must be 18+, attempt to get to know your members like one of the family, not care for K/D ratio like it actually matters (which it doesn't) and above all a clan that wants to have fun and game nightly.


I'm 26, have a mic, run on central time in the US (which means US clans only please ^.^), and play numerous games.  Currently I play Left 4 Dead alot (thanks to a friend from a previous clan who gave me the points to get it for free which was very nice of her), Happy Wars (when I actually have someone to play with), I plan on getting Halo 4 eventually so that is something I will frequent soon, Minecraft, and numerous other games.  So if your clan plays any of the listed frequently it's a HUGE plus.


I want a clan who basically chooses to game with one another nightly on a game that everyone in the group has.  Previous clans had a tendency to stick to CoD games (which I don't own) which made getting to know me via gaming difficult so I moved on.  All I ask is that you please treat me like you want to know me and actually want to game with me.  I don't require that a clan play one game 24/7 but actually playing something I own more than once a week would be appreciative.  Message me if interested and please.....no generic copy/paste responses like those you see on these forums for recruitment.  Talk to me like you actually care.


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