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Is it just me or is the shotgun attatchment pretty much worthless? I'm trying to get my Mastery on the M4, but man alive, you pretty much have to shoot someone point plank with the shotty attatchment to get a kill...


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Yeah it is. I have 3 weapons at max rank and the shotgun is most pointless.

They weakened the shotguns too much, might as well made them secondaries because as they stand now nobody uses them.

Type 95 IS a shotgun. Chu talkin' 'bout?

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Type 95 IS a shotgun. Chu talkin' 'bout?


no >.>

Yes shotgun attachment challenge is the toughest - you have to forget it is there and just use it when you can sneek up on someone...hate it.

I got my SCAR up to level 30 and thought I might be close to gold camo but it is 89k weapon xp to next level - damn!

I just finished all the attachements on the Scar and it took me quite a while to get the shotgun one, i think if you aim higher you will be more sucsessful.

Also do you obtain anything for completeing a gun, i still need more kills and headshots but everything else is finished but i didnt receice a title or emblem?