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Hello fellow players,am still learning  the ropes and some advise have decided to play a pyro to start with.When it comes to leveling  up which stats cover the magic,is it like in skyrim.and can my pyro wear shain mail armor without penalties the rags am wearing dont make you look any gd.thanks.arsonist


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Pyro isn't the same as magic in this game, magic is leveled by intelligence, miracles by faith, and pyro does not level you have to level up your pyromancy flame. Yes you can wear whatever armor you like and it doesn't negatively effect your pyro skill. Check out this link.


Take everything you know from skyrim and forget it.

For pyro I'd also suggest to be carefull when you enter the depths first as there's an important NPC for make sure you don't hit him and "free him" with a roll (B-button) instead of a hit.

Also once you got your pyromancy hand try to level it up as soon as possible cause that opportunity might be gone at some point. And when that happens you might have to stick with an undeveloped pyromancy flame for the rest of your playthrough!

Praise the sun! :)

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Take everything you know from skyrim and forget it.


Haha. Thanks for the laugh. So true though.

Also, what Holymoses said. I think the game would have been so much more difficult if I didn't have my pyro glove maxed out. Once you get it, farm enough souls to upgrade it fully as early as you can.


You'll find that while Pyro is great at lower levels, it loses a bit of its punch in the later parts of the game, and really suffers on NG+....not to say it's useless, but if you're going to do a pyro build, make sure you join the chaos covenant and get some of those pyro spells as well.  When you talk to the pyro guy, you want to choose "modify equipment" to ascend the pyro glove.  This will give the spells more punch.  It may not be as powerful as sorcery or miracles, but it sure looks cooler.

^^ I thought that pyro worked great on NG+ and NG++. Of cousre choas pyro spells worked better, but they were almost just as effective for me.


What kind of damage were you getting from the chaos spells on NG++...do you remember?  I do recall that Chaos Fireball was awesome on some enemies because of the residual lava damage.  I was also using a +5 ascended glove, which helps!  Nothing like the four digit damage from a Crystal Homing soulmass though.

I don't remember exactly, but it was helpful. Certain enemies die so fast from fire like the snake guys in Sen's fortress. Alot of the sub-bosses died easily by fire and even main bosses like the Bell Gargoyles and the Iron Golem and Sif. I didn't get into magic too much. Mainly pyro and miracles.