Leveling up suggestions?

So basically ive never bought a battlefield game before (til yesterday)...ive played the demos and at friends houses and whatnot, but have never gotten myself to actually buy it

im pretty glad i bought it, yes i beat the single player in one night, but ive played about 5 games so far of multi and it seems fun

sadly, i am pretty much a n00b when it comes to the multi (not the norm for me)

just curious as to how you level up quickly in this game? kills dont seem to do much? capturing flags gets you like 75-150 so are there any better ways to do this? opinions?

ive only played deathmatch and conquest so far (whichever one has the flags i believe conquest)...and so far i have only used ****..i wanna take it one class at a time so im sticking with ****

any info would be appreciated


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Medic = heal and revive with increased heal range and faster healing time specs

Engineer = repair vehicles with teammates in them and destroy enemy vehicles

When I feel like wh0ring points I do that. Attacking and defending objectives also helps.

Biggest Point Awards:


-Flag capture=150pts

-Flag cap assist=75pts

-Rush crate destroy=250pts

-Rush charge plant or defuse=50

-Rush crate damage=50pts


-Destroy enemy vehicle=100pts

-You also get points for ammo resupplies, heals, repairs, spots, kill assists, etc...

-Also bonus points are given for interactions within your squad(such as revives, assists, etc), and kills while attacking or defending an objective.

-Earning pins and patches, as well as weapon stars will give you large rewards.

-Use the spotting system, (press the back button while aiming at an enemy to put a red marker above his head) if a teammate gets the kill you'll get an assist.

Personally I 'd say Medic has the most potential since revives are equal to kills and you can do heals as well. But since rewards are unlocked by class I would suggest using the class that has the weapons you want.

Engineer-jump in a tank as a gunner for a squadmate and whenever the tank takes damage get out and repair. IIRC it's 20 points for a repair and it's easy to get a few hundred points for doing this. you also get the points for killing enemy players with the MG, plus assist points whenever the driver get's kills etc

Dont stick to one class..

Use them all, ajust what you play on the situation on the battlefield. if you see LOADS of enigneers, try to be a medic. If you see LOADS of medics, try to be an engineer.. and so on... They will rush you and ask for healpacks, repairs whatever.

NO game is the same in this game. "See, adapt, and improvise" and you will get there.. lol

Ow, and please DONT use a Reddot or ACOG on the M14.... that is just nasty man..


I almost have to use a 4x or red dot...I feel like the rear sight on the M14 is blurry and it distracts me, plus I'm not great with it anyway...Maybe that will change, though, I used to hate the AN 94.


Anyone know if the 4x in the game is an ACOG, or a generic optical scope? I thought that was a brand name series by Trijicon. Any weapons experts on these forums?

I would start with medic class... Quickest way to rack up pts.. Earn your revive kit and revive down teammates and throw medic kits at every flag you go to  and also at random places etc.

I would also use all kits  but I do believe the medic class is the fastest way for newer players to level up.

Medic, as most people have said, is probably the best to start off with. I'd recommend also spawning on team-mates as healing them or reviving them get you (not an awful lot) more points than just normal teammates. Unlocking the defibrilator is handy as it gives you 80 points for reviving teammates.

Conquest, I think, is the best game mode for racking up points (for me anyway). By constantly moving between the three flags, you'll encounter plenty of teammates who need ammo/med packs/repairs made and enough enemies to get a fair few kills. Capturing a flag nets you 150 points, and a capture assist gives 75. Also when going for a flag, whether attacking or defending it, press the back button when aiming at its letter (A,B,C or D) and it will issue a squad attack/defend order. If successful you'll get 20 extra points. Not a lot, but better than nothing!


Don't forget Squad Attack\Defend orders.

If you're defending an objective for example, spot the objective (with your back button) to set a Squad order on it. As long as you're within a certain radius of that objective you'll now recieve a points bonus for your kills, revives etc. Leaving an ammo box or medic pack near the objective will also help.

Add this to the tips above and you'll soon start to level up nicely.

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