Leveling helps really?

To be honest I have the feeling that there is a little improvement when you level up. From level one to level 20 is easy to reach, but to me it feels like i'm still like level 1. The damage that I get from the early enemies are still the same and even with better armor they still can kill me. I mean if you move from level 1 to level 20 there shouls be a big difference, but it totally doesn't feel that way. I think upgrading VIT is the best thing to do in this game.

What do you think guys?


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You never really get any better than your enemies in this game unless you're a high level for where you are in the game. Upgrading your armor helps a lot. I don't put any stats into vitality until NG+

ok, how about strenght? Will it speed up the heavy weapons? To me they are too slow to play with. I'm still using broad sword and it's a quick weapon with a lot of damage thanks to the blacksmith :-).

But what's the point of leveling up then? To me this game feels a bit live Oblivion. The enemies are leveling up as well. So it's better to stay at level 1 and just getting better armor right?

The enemies don't scale. If you don't have enough strength/intelligence/faith/dexterity, you won't be able to do any damage to enemies in the next area. You need to put stats into one of these 4 modifiers in order to do enough damage to newer enemies.


Strength does not increase speed with heavy weapons, just their damage; that is if the weapon scales with strength. You can tell what a weapon scales with if you go into your inventory and push x. There will be 4 icons, each with an A B C D or E. A means it scales with that stat a lot while E means the opposite.

The enemies do not level up so place the enemies will be so tough you just have to come back later when you yourself are leveled up, putting more points into strength does not increase the speed with which you swing the heavier weapons, their speed is the penalty for the damage they deal.

Try putting some points into endurance so you can swing more often also learn to parry or backstab as both of these move deal massive damage boosts.

One other note dont rush take your time learn how enemies fight they are all different and some ways are better than others for dealing with certain enemies, this game will rain on your parade for a good 30 hours or so until you start to learn it properly but once you start to learn you wont put it down again.

i've been playing this game for about 5 days now, but it raged me a lot after the second bell. God i hate Sen's Fortress. The traps is so anoying and the snak headed enemies are making me mad as well. I mean i got a ring with huge boost for all defense for about 30 or 40 points each! And still they can damage me that much? That's why my question was is there really a difference leveling up and just getting a very little difference. I don't see much improvement with leveling up :-(. Maybe it's just me.

i didn't go there until level 50 or so my tip, go to the blacksmith, buy the crest of artorsis for 20,000 souls and farm that area in darkroot forest. You get 7,000 souls for killing the main 4 npc's and there is a bonfire right next to the entrance.

If you were able to steamroll a game like this just by power levelling it defeats the point of it being so difficult in the first place. Suddenly the difficulty becomes an annoyance rather than a challenge to your skills.

[quote user="Str8UpAmaZing27"]

i didn't go there until level 50 or so

[/quote]Really? I go in there at high twenties, low thirties.

The game is more so based upon what you learn from dying. Chances are, you're not learning well. Always hold your chield, when that recoil kicks in, slash, put up the shield and back off. A good shield to have is the Grass Shield (Replenishes Stamina at a faster rate) But, one thing you do want to work on, Attunement. It adds more slots for casting. If you get the Pyromancing Glove, Attunement will be your best friend. Endurance, for it will increase defenses and stamina, as well as your equipment load. Strength, Dex. And, believe it or not, Vitality would be a good choice. Some enemies would wipe you out in one shot if you never did that. And, have enough health to be able to stand at least two hits may mean the difference in life and death on this game. Those are the five I focus on.

Leveling is important. On NG ++ the basic enemies in the Firelink Shrine can kill you in 5 or 6 hits regardless.


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