Leveling Black Mage... Any tips?

So, I've decided to go back and level BLM, a job I haven't touched since 2007 when I used my first Anniversary Ring and with my last 5 charges got BLM to 30. So, I now find myself needing advice gearwise etc. I do have all my BLM spells to 30, as well as the Black Magic spells which can be learnt by at 60 RDM and 90 DRK, so only the AOE spells and Ancient Magic I need to get. Now, should I focus on getting the spells I need to say... 75 (I already have all the spells I need to get from 30 - 50, as most of them are pretty cheap on the Auction House, or are pretty easy to get via the spell being a quest reward (Not paying 600k for Warp II, when it's so simple to get)) or get gear?


I do have all eight high quality elemental staves (for my 90SMN), as well as 75+ gear. Should I just (once I hit 60) wear my AF1 to 75 and then wear my other gear? Accessory wise, I'm set as well (can use the same ones I have for my WHM, SMN and RDM 50+)... so just any tips/advice would be appreciated.


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my wife is a lvl 90 whm/blm and rdm and she wore all her af til she could go get her relic so i would say whatever u wanna wear til u can wear ur af and as far as spells go i would work on gettin ur tier 4 and 5 spells cause u goin be needin em.. and aoe spells for aby parties when they ask u to go get magic kills by urself