Leveled Classes gone.

I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I have had the game since day one. I got my Engineer and Rifleman leveled up a ways. Then those days of the server trouble happens. Then I come on to play MP again and all my classes are at 0 again. Anyone else get this issue and know what the heck happened? Thanks in advance.


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Interesting, I have not had this happen but if they are not updated soon I'd contact UBI and find out what the deals is.  My only guess is maybe the servers being wacky caused some issues.

I had mine reset too but in a little bit different  way. I lost every level i got that day , and all my guns where reset I had to put all of my mods back on them. I guess I got it good compared to overs.

Eastrid that is the same thing that happened to me. I never got them back but I did check the forums for the game and a lot of people had the same problem.

My level 21 rifleman got deranked down to level 16

Same here my lvl!50 engineer whent down to 39 and my othe lvl 18 engineer went down to lvl 14

Also had this issue, had -5 levels to all 3 characters. Don't mind too much as it didn't take away my level 20 weapons, still a pain tho.

I had all three classes deranked from 16 to 10. After all the hard work with the lag and problems I get dropped down. I remember a time when games used to work just fine. Internet connections get faster and we get more lag, technology advances and we get broken games. What is going on.

I had 4 classes a lvl50 rifleman, 16 and 13 engineer and some thing for a sniper all deranked to 0 and lost my 4th class.. WTF is wrong with this game 2nd time i have been deranked but the 1st time i got it back after a few days.. hoping the same happens here