Level erased and achievement progress on Gears of War 2


I've searched for answers everywhere but I can't find what I'm looking for, the sad part is that I'm not alone.  Hopefully, with some luck, somebody will be able to help all players in my situation:

  I, like many other players, was waiting and hoping for Epic to launch a Demo or at least a Beta for their upcoming game (Gears of War 3).  When I heard Epic was releasing a Beta for GoW3 and that the only way to play it was by *Pre-Ordering the game I went and pre-ordered the game.  After the Beta was over and I went about my business which is GoW1 (there is no better game by far!  hehe), and a few days later someone invited me to play GoW2; I reluctantly accepted, it was a friend and I hadn't played with him for a long time...   anyways, as soon as I loaded the game I was asked to upgrade the game, so I did, and a soon as I went into my friend's game lobby I found out I was level 1.   When I first saw that I thought:  oh, well...   this is not the first time it happens (we all got our levels erased both times they changed ranking methods) - but now that I know that this is only happening to a few which means there must be a mistake somewhere...   and now that I know that getting up to level 100 unlocks items on GoW3...   I WANT MY LEVEL 100 or WINGS back!   From my achievements you can see I was level 100.

There are a few explanations that make sense but:  1) I don't leave in a middle of a match even though I loose almost every time:  Guardian - either my leader explodes by his/her grenades or if I'm leader I must fend for myself...    On Annex or King of the Hill - I'm almost the only one that goes after the capture point (I know, everyone must be thinking the exact thing!  haha)    2) I don't like to turn off the console when is "hard at work" (loading, or when it sounds like The Boeing 747 is going to take off!)  and lastly but probably the most important:  3) I don't like glitching, the only way I cheat is by looking up or asking how to get a certain achievement unlock, and I don't do them all  as you can see by my game completion, I have about 80%   ...I only go after the achievements I consider fun, or in the case of the "Veteran Gear" by default

Quick recap:  I pretty much play GoW1 every free time I get, what I did differently was downloading the GoW3 Beta and play it non-stop, afterwards I played GoW1 for about a week and then someone invited me to play GoW2 I was asked to update and my level was 1.  Before the Beta:  lvl 100, after Beta:  lvl 1

Is there someone that can provide help?

Thank you for your time!


* I know now that this was not the only way, but even though I know now that by buy BulletStorm, and if I knew then, I still wouldn't buy it.  No offense intended, I just didn't find it entertaining.


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The achievement is all you need for gears 3. Your current rank in 2 doesn't matter at all.

You got reset because you cleared the 360 cache and played gears 2 again.

same here bro...... idk but idc either.......... just play threw it.. btw real Gears dont complain! :P