Lets talk about thrusting weapon's

I'm starting a new character thats going to all about dex. What rapier (Estoc, Richard's Rapier, Mailbreaker, or normal Rapier) should I use? What do you like? Why?

(I'm going to be useing a normal enhancment path so it can continue to scale with my dex)


And what spear do you like more Partisan or Winged Spear?


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I enjoy spears more. Long reach and you can block while using them.

To be honest. I was going down the rapier route at first because I went down that route in Demon souls and it had the best reach besides spears.

As with the strong attack with long swords and rapiers, in demon souls, the character would quickly leap forward with a stab attack. It was good when an enemy would attack and I would move out of the way and quickly strike back with the strong attack and close the gab quickly before they would finish up their attack animation and land in a hit and then back off.

But since I found that drake sword, I started using that. Then later I used the spear, a lightning spear. I love the spears and rapiers in this game, because it's the only weapons that allow you to attack while you defend. Rapiers, have a shorter reach, but you can attack slightly faster than a spear. The spear have a longer reach, but I feel like the attack animations last a bit longer.

But a weakness to the thrusting weapons like the rapier and the spear is, it will only attack what directly in front of you. So it's not a good weapon to use when up against multiple enemies or against enemies you can't lock on to. It's a HORRIBLE weapon to use in PVP since everyone and their grandmother use the ring of fog. You need a sweeping weapon for that.

But for PVE, then rapiers and spears works best for me. As I can block, and the moment the enemy attacks, I attack, and Im guranteed a hit since they are attacking and they end up hitting my shield. Thanks to the lightning spear I have, (+5) fighting many enemies is A LOT easier than before. I don't even have to be strategic, or use any tactics. Just walk up to them with my shield up and just start attacking as im safe behind my shield.

I think fire and magic(faith and occult weapons counts as magic too) weapons are the only ones that scale with your stats.

Respectfully guy's, I'm not a noob and don't need a lesson on the weakness of thrusting weapons. And as for the PVP I'll also have several curved swords for combating the cheap noobs that use the Ring of Fog (possibly the cheapest tactic ever)

I just haven'nt bothered with the thrusting weapons much and was looking to go that route for my next character. So what Rapier do you prefer and why? Estoc, Mailbreaker, Richards Rapier or normal Rapier.

(BTW the Drake sword is garbage. A sword that dosen't scale and only upgrades with relativly rare dragon scales?? No thanks...)

I'd go with Ricard's if you plan on upgrading for much. It's got a great heavy attack and does more damage than most of the others. I still prefer spears of any variety over thrusting swords, actually. You can keep your guard during your attack and get the same, if not more, reach as rapiers. But, if you're wanting only rapier's, I think Ricard's is best, personally. That heavy attack and damage are better than nearly all the others.

Well all rapier's can attack with your shield up just like spears and the main reason I was considering the Estoc was because it has the same reach as a standard spear. But the double thrust combo/heavy attack of Richard's Rapier is very tempting. The other point is that the Estoc dosen't have any critical bonus which kinda defeats the purpose of using a thrusting weapon in the first place.... I'm starting to lean to Richard's Rapier. Now all I have to do is get my new character past the second bell and climb Sen's Fortress...

Some people might think it's boring, but I use a garden variety Longsword (Enchanted for Sorcerer), mostly because I love the moveset.  It has both slash and thrust, and the thrust attack does over 400 damage.  If I know I'm going to need to attack from behind a shield, I switch to Demon Spear (but I rarely do because I'm a caster).

I would go for the regular halberd i had it +15 to scale with my dex and str long reach and the RT attack has a wide swing it the only down side was the recovery time after a miss. but what ever you think is good

While the Halberd is a solid weapon for certain builds it dosen't fit my playstyle. Too heavy, to much recovery time. I want to use rapier to peck and roll, peck and roll for this uber dex build (along with a bandit knife for the backstabs/riposets). Low equip weight is a must because I plan to wear the Hornet ring not Havel's ring. (Plus not getting hit is smarter than absorbing the hit)

This build isn't going to be for PVP. I'll be forced to PVP some but I'm not real worried. This is more of an interesting/theme build.

well than i would go with the estoc solid reach (more than the rapier i think) and maybe the brigand armor for something light

i will trade anyone 7 dragon scales, mulptile titinate chunks of varing colors and a full black knight armor set for priscilla dagger it is the last weapon i need for the knights honor chevo and i accidentally killed her without cuttin off her tail. and i really don't want to do another play just for her tail

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