Lets make an RPG world!

Im going to create an rpg world and you are all invited!

You can join my world and build Kingdoms, Nations, Guilds, etc.

This will be on Survival Easy and I will not use host privileges. 

There are no rules but if you just come to aimlessly kill then you will be removed. Murders, theft, and griefing will be allowed but try to be civil. 

You can create your own job ( use your imagination, trader, shop, blacksmith, etc. 

Currency will be gold

Add me on xbox live GT: boogiepandas


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Sound's good I would like to play, getting bored with my xbONE :(

sounds a lot like mine except for some of your rules...

Whats up people,

Myself and a few friends of mine, are currently in the process of creating a new server which is Medieval themed. In this server you can complete missons, join guilds, buy houses (or buy a plot of land and bulid your own), get a job  and many other things to do! but we need help building the city. we've only just completed the 'Poor District' and hope to expand that, but we have yet to start creating the 'Rich District' which is going to be roughly x'5 the size of the poor one. We also want ideas from you guys aswell!

If you do help us, then we shall give you perks when/if it comes too you playing the game aswell such as 'Gift creates' or maybe even a lower class house to get you started!

Requirments: you must be 10+, own a mic, be co-opterative and helping, must listen to the plans issued by the host.

if your intrested please message me : X JoK3rJAcK X

P.s im sorry for the poor spelling and grammer.