Lets face the facts

We know that the season pass will be fixed soon.Lets just  wait and be calm.


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so its not fixed yet? i will wait a few days to download. i was looking forward to getting this today too.

I know, people act like they are going to get ripped off. For the moment, sure you might as well be, but there is no way possible a game this popular could get away with it. The only game iv'e seen rip off people and get away with it was F.E.A.R

I just want to know if the alt costume is glitched or not and if Skarlet was to have a model also.

how did F.E.A.R rip people off? this is the first i have heard of this.

They made people F.E.A.R. them. ;)

In the original Fear, 3 map packs were released (I forgot the prices, I know at least 2 wern't free). Whenever the makers of the game (Sierra and Monolith) split up and monolith went with WB, they removed the map packs from the marketplace and patched them completely out of the game, resulting in having literally useless DLC.