Let's talk MineCraft.

So, I'm semi new to the Xbox LIVE forums, I never used them until now, and I was wondering one thing, and I wanted to talk about MineCraft with a few people.

1. What's the MineCraft official forums?

And now to get on topic. 

What do you guys want to see in the next update to MineCraft? I want this to happen.

1. Bigger multiplayer. Atleast 1-16 people max.

2. Skin pack from PC of MineCraft.

3. More "abandoned" mines.

4. More blocks to mine.

5. ATTEMPT to make bigger worlds, since we're playing on the 360 version that'll be a tad bit hard.

6. More monsters.

And that's all I can think of. <3


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I don't know maybe GUNS.

Anytime you get past 2 players XBox Live lags HARD.  8 people is possible, but no kicking, yelling, screaming, all good connections, get your legs inside the vehicle before we roll.

Abandoned mines are coming with the later patches.

Bigger worlds with the later patches.

Dreaming of more monsters.

Dreaming of levels that affect skills.

Dreaming of more craftables, farmables, buildings that have a purpose.

The one and only thing I want right now is a bigger world.  Higher, to 256 at least and wider, to 1024 at least.

I play with 3-4 people online all the time with no lag most of the time.  Very rarely do I see a mined-block glitch where it will reappear for a few moments before it catches up.

I am way too paranoid when it comes to many players joining my world as I feel I have to keep an eye on everyone so 16 players would be a nightmare for me, haha.

I am hoping that with the update we will have the ability to tame and breed farming animals, I would really like to make some cute little farms in my world. :D

More FEMALE skins would be good. I think there is only like five out of all the skins currently available at the moment.

I would also like more variety when it comes to blocks and texture packs would be AWESOME but I imagine it would be difficult to bring that over to the xbox and I am not sure how it would work if people joined your world. Would they have to download the same pack as you to play or would they just see it in default? Its a tough one.

Nice topic!

texture packs would probably be pretty easy.  Download pack, change your game setting to use the new pack instead of default.  Other players would only get to see their downloaded textures or the default.  That's how the PC version works actually.


Breeding is probably coming to the next update, as 4J is working on 1.8 where part of that happens, and they are looking at doing some 1.9 features early, because it was possible to kill off all the animals on the PC, due to the order of implementation.


On female skins, it would probably be very Equal Opportunity of them to make more skins for female characters.  Ironically enough, Notch had intended for the "Steve" character, and the world itself to be genderless.  Bovines have both horns and teats for instance (that was before he learned that some breeds of cattle have horns, not just bulls).  Animals reproduce by having two present, there's no genders involved.



The baby animals are so cute with their tiny bodies and massive heads! Haha! I can't wait! :D

Only 1-8 or 1-16 people? Why not go for 32 people or 64? Hardware/21st-century-technology limitations.

Would love to see user made 'mod' dlc.

Maybe a 'boss' mob in the overworld somewhere in a cave at a low depth. Much like how the Ender Dragon is the 'boss' of the End.

[quote user="Trust Michael"]

1. What's the MineCraft official forums?


This is the main official forum-



This is the Xbox 360 specific section-



Copy and paste those links in your browser bar and enjoy.



Btw it's one word, Minecraft. No need to capitalize the c.

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