Let's co-op the whole game.

I beat the game already with another character but was leveled too high to get much co-op. Started a new character to play through again mostly in co-op for the fun of it. My character is SL28 and I've rang both bells but that's about it. Hit me up here or on Live. If you add me on xbox live please include a message so I know who you are. Thx.


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I'll add you. I started a cleric character and rang the first bell,so I need to catch up a bit. I can do a lot of support things though the the area heal buffer. It would help me a lot because I want some sunlight medals so I can join the sunbros. Let's engage in some jolly cooperation!

Ok cool. That's my plan also..to get into sunbros. I've done 5 or six boss assists so far. I'm SL 30 now but I'm trying to stay as low as possible and still get through Anor Londo bosses. I kept my sign down four about 4 hours total today while I was on the pc doing things and I only got summoned 3 times as a phantom and twice as invader in Darkwoods area.

Does defending in the darkwoods covent get you sunlight medals as well or something?

From darksouls.wikidot.com/sunlight-medal


*Received from NPC Knight Lautrec Of Carim and Solaire of Astora as a reward.

*Three can be obtained from a single chest in Anor Londo. Bonfire which is the nearest to lit when facing Ornstein & Smough is the third you can lit chronocially. From there go straight and you will be in a chamber with Chaos using a sword/spear. Chest he is guarding is the one with Medals.

*Upon clearing a boss as a Gold Phantom (Warrior of Sunlight covenant), all members of the group (summoner and other phantoms) are awarded a Sunlight Medal.

Early on I used this method to farm souls.


I don't like that one, I can never get it to work...

I'll just wait until I can get in the dragon covent.

lol that's wierd...I used to use that and get the 7000 souls a minute or so on my first character. That's 70,000 every 10 mins.

On my second character I joined Dragon covenent right after I cleared Blighttown and Ceaseless.

I just made it to blighttown yesterday. I'm a SL 20.

Just cleared Sen's fortress yesterday and Anor Lando today . I'm SL 32 and I'm gonna try to stay under 35 til the end.

I think if you get up to 22 or 23 you might be able to summon me for any areas where you still have a boss alive. We can try tonight if you want. Hit me up on Live again.

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