Let's assume ARIA is an acronym

What would it most likely be?

I am going to assume the first A stands for Artificial and the I stands for Intelligence. Based on the secret ending it suggests that she has studied the characters and know their weaknesses it leads me to my guess.

Artificial Reasoning Intelligence Agent.

I say agent because I can't believe anything fighting in a tournament would be anything else than a subordinate. Anyone else want to take a guess?


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I like your thoughts.

Maybe robotic instead of reasoning given Ultra tech history with robots?

@Rolly Based on their aversion to clones, creating another robot/cyborg seems unlikely. Another member on here or DH suggested her/him to be an energy based character with AI. Kinda like Silver Surfer if you read comics. Made of energy but with a body.

Like the initial thoughts! I always assumed ARIA had to be an acronym. I'll go w/ what you said for now. ARIA's intel will most likely be thanks to Sadira, for she was spying on the contestants in during the tournaments. Can't wait to know what they'll reveal in the future.