Let HEROBRINE stay!!!

In Minecrat no matter how many times mojang says "removed Herobrine" eventually he shows up in someones wold anyway. so I say Let Herobrine stay!

stop Mojang from trying to remove him.It makes minecraft much more fun in a way.I've thought of a few reasons why he should stay:

1)If you haven't figured it out already HE'S NEVER GOING TO BE REMOVED! he alway show up in my friend's world. so if he was removed I woulden't see him wrecking havoc. (And yes I ACCTUALLY SEE HIM)

2)He makes minecaft more tense in a way that is both scary and fun. (kind of like horror games...)

3)He's a icon(idol) of minecraft! It's like saying to remove  Notch!!!


Tell me If you thinkl he should stay or go...

I think he should stay...AND someone tell mojang to stop with the

"Removed Herobrine" notes already!!! >:(


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Dang it my internet lag makes me type weird... :(

He's not there to begin with. What makes this thread different than the other countless herobrine ones?

It does not matter whether he stays or goes because he never existed.

belive what you want he always shows up when me and my friend play :/

I'm going to repeat this as many times as need be since more and more threads keep happening. Proof. You need it.

I just can't wait for all the Herobrine videos to come out AFTER the skins are available. People will be like "I swear I didn't have my friend wearing the Herobrine skin in my world! I swear it's real youtube, give me views!!!!" and to the OP, wait for the skins to be available and play as Herobrine. Also, as Ruthless said, you need video proof for anyone to believe you.

[quote user="KG x Disarray"]

I just can't wait for all the Herobrine videos to come out AFTER the skins are available.[/quote]

Best part will be them getting up close to the player just so they don't have the gamertag in view to try and pass it off. This is going to be hilarious seeing the influx of it all.

i beleive its a 50/50 shot herobrine is real.

[quote user="NICCSACC666"]

i beleive its a 50/50 shot herobrine is real.


You don't say?! haha well he's either real or not it kinda automatically makes it a 50/50 shot.

When you and your friend saw said Herobrine, were you on any kind of drugs?

I really think they should remove Herobrine from the list of usable skins.