Less than a week away from Battlefield 3 Australian release. Who's Excited??

The core games, including Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2, helped define what's possible in multiplayer first-person shooters. It's been more than five years since Battlefield 2 on PC, and now DICE is finally getting ready to deliver the next numbered entry. Battlefield 3 has a release date for this fall on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and from what's been shown off, it looks incredible.

That's because Battlefield 3 is being built using all-new technology developed in-house at DICE. It's the next version of the Frostbite engine used in the Bad Company games, appropriately called Frostbite 2.

How excited are you?? What's your faviroute class?? Whats' your play style close combat, long range or both?? Let me know. PEACE


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This thread will have better results in the Battlefield 3 forums. Actually, I take that back, its full of trolls.

I am extremely excited. My favorite class is Assault especially now that it has the defib and medkits. And my play style is sticking close to my team and providing lots of health when they need it and cover fire.

I'll have my copy in less than 26 hours.

WWWWHHHHAAAAATTTT??? lololololol @ Sword Style

Midnight release. Do math :P

But it's the 24th in Australia, ti comes out on the 27th do the math lol

I'll tell you what... I  played the beta for BF3 and the graphic's were worth then BC2.... Yet the game was the funnest thing I have played in months... I read on the graphics and was happy to hear them say the graphics will be over 1000x better then the beta was. They didn't upload the graphics to the beta so the actual game it's self is.... going to be... *Can't not express feelings on Xbox forums or I'll be suspended....* anyways, you get the point. :)