Lego Star Wars 3 achievements not unlocking!

I completed the game got the 100% achievement and 2 of the story related achievements did not unlock at all idk what to do one is r6 take me home  * complete the lair of grievous*.  The other achievement is That's no moon *complete the battle of geonosis*

I did everything in the game completely bought everything as well I have 100% complete achievement idk what to do!!!

I have all characters unlocked all vehicles did all republic and separatist missions. also all space missions as well! Has this happened to anyone else? I did the entire game solo.


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i heard a lot of the achievements are glitched in this game. a solution to some is replying some of the levels in Free Play mode, so you might want to try and do that. hope this helps...

Had this problem myself.I just replayed the level & the achievements unlocked.

ok will try to replay the levels wish me luck! will let you know if it works! I will try it with no red bricks turned on. see if that is what affected it idk.

ok rediong the story mode with no red bricks did work so far got the lair of grieveous doen and need to redo all the story for geonosis! ahh lol

Glad to hear your'e getting your achievements.

Hello I just completed the game 100% but I did not get the points for finding all minikits game shows I've got them all wouldn't be complete without what can I do?