Lego problems

Let me start out by saying that I have played a number of Lego games, and I always find them both fun and entertaining long past what you might expect for an older gamer playing a game aimed at a much younger audience. I'm going to list a number of complaints here, but don't want to give the impression that I don't like the game. The good far outweighs the bad, its just that the bad seems to be a set of design issues that span all of the lego games to a greater or lesser extent. Also note that none of these are game breakers, they are just annoying.


1 - Character Selection:

I've talked about this in some detail in another thread, but it drives me crazy that I can't select my own characters to represent each skill.  It results in unnecessarily large parties in Free Play.


2 - Aim Assist:

I understand the need for aiming assist in these games, and they would be very hard to play without it. However, the aim assist should not completely override player control. If I am using a Jedi character and pressing away from an enemy, then under no circumstances should attacks be directed at that enemy. Basically the aim assist is just too strong, and should be either reduced or made adjustable.


3 - Force Targeting

With no ability to fine tune aiming the way you can with weapons, the only way to target an object to move it using the force is to move around the screen until the game decides to highlight it.  And God help you if you want to target one object among several that can be force manipulated.


4 - Force Control

Once you've managed to successfully target the object you want to move you now have to control it. So you have one stick to control an object in 3D space. In TCS pushing down on the stick can both move an object to a lower altitude or move it closer to the screen, but in this game down is always a lower altitude. This makes the control simpler mechanically, but harder practically.


5 - Buttons

The Xbox controller has 8 easy to use buttons plus a couple of harder to use ones (pushing in a control stick). So why do some buttons need to be used for multiple purposes? I want to know why they think it is a good idea to have the button that changes control from one character to another be the same one you use to enter and leave vehicles, or panel interactions use the same button as thermal detonators or force powers.


6 - Control

This is a problem in many games, not just Lego ones, but it is frequent in this title. It can be summed up thus: Never ever ever take control away from me during game play. Ever. Once game play on a level starts I should remain in control until game play is over for the level. For example, in several levels there are panels that require you do something in order to turn them on, like solve a simple force manipulation puzzle. When the puzzle is solved, there is no reason to take control away from me for several seconds in order to pan the screen slightly and show the panel turning on, especially in Free Play mode.


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I agree, there are many faults and quirks in the Lego Games (especially  Lego Star Wars), but we cannot deny that though there are little quirks, the games are still fun. Maybe some day in the future there will be a better update or version of the game.