with the appauling mess that is brink i turned to this to fill a gap and its great but why no forum?.im sure theres many players of this game wanting a bit of help now and again ,it can be tricky finding everything.anyone interested in this game post here till they get an official one going


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The game forums are being added manually and obviously that's a pretty big task so it will take some time.


Seems to me that most people are enjoying Lego Pirates which is good news. I like the Lego games (in general) and was thinking about picking this up for some co-op fun with my son. May get it at the weekend.

Is it just me, or are there a lot of glitches that need to be worked out with Lego Pirates?  The split-screen is awful to the extent that it affects game play poorly.  I had two instances in the game in which I broke a chest that was supposed to reveal pieces of an item to build to complete the level, and.....nothing.  I played back through a couple of times until it appeared (see "Isla de Muerta" when you have to build the skeleton bones barrel.)

To BigSilverBear - this is not a co-op friendly game.