Lego pirates

I just bought my son lego pirates he was looking forward to getting achievements on it however when he went to the dashboard he found that they didn't come up anyone know why this? any help on this would be really great as it's really annoying him now .


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Is your son sure that he completed the requirements to unlock the achievements?

I recently completed the full 1000 for Lego Pirates. I didn't have to do anything special to make the achievements work. The achievements even unlock with cheats enabled (only exception being "The best pirate I've ever seen" achievement. Can't have invincibility enabled).

have you tried installing the game to the hard drive? lego games tend to have lots of these strange glitches.i play a lot of lego games and sometimes they show other times they dont

You have to get the game started at least once for the achievement list to populate onto your XBox profile. All games are like this.

june 2011????