Lego Pirates Acheivements

Posting here since there is no Game specific forums for this yet.

Anyone know how to get the And really bad eggs achievement? It says to play as all Extra Toggle Characters. I loaded up a free play game and went through all teh characters but no achievement. I'm not sure what else to do and I can't find any guides on the game yet.  


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You'll find a really good achievement guide over at Xbox360achievements

I would like to know if is funny like previous lego games  .

Thanks Zen,


I'll check it out when I get home. My work's proxy is blocking that site. I think I checked there tho and they didn't have a walkthrough for that specific achievement yet.




Yes I think it's on par with other lego games. I'm having alot of fun with it. I would rate the legos games favorite to least favorite as:


Lego Star wars 3

Lego Star wars TCS (Ommiting star wars 2)

Lego Pirates

Lego Batman

Lego Indiana 1

Lego Indiana 2

Lego Harry potter


The only thing I didn't like was it includes the 4th movie and was released before the movie comes out. but that's it. definantely worth a play through

It's back to being a great lego game again way better than lego indy 2 which was the worst in my opinion.

The bad egg achievement is for what you stated op but no=one has uploaded how to do it yet .

to get the really bad eggs achievement you have to have the extra toggle red hat active and start each level and toggle all the characters then you can play through or save and exit go to each level and repeat then in the hub area hold the Y button and switch to each charecter I even did the custom ones and the achievement poped.

There are extra toggle characters that don't come up on the list of characters they are only available in each level's free play.

cheers john