Legit soul farmin in PAINTED WORLD

Awsome farming spot with a PYRO and CHAOS FLAME. i chuck those bad boys into the group of Phalinx's and reap 500 a piece....thats like 4000 souls in 1-2 minutes


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It's apparently even easier using a toxic/poison mist and you can get all them all in one hit (then wait little while for them to die).  I didn't have that when I was there though so haven't tested it out.

I dont have either. I have acid mist..it don't do much,

Acid mist only reduces the durability of opponents weapons. (pretty useless if you ask me).  You can get the poison one from the guy who "protects" the chaos queen spider lady.  (after you ring the second bell).  But... you have to be infected with an egg on your head before he'll see you anything.

Or you can start out with the ring as a gift and she will think you are her sister.

She doesnt sell the spells, its her egg-head helper.  I thought having the ring only made her speak to you for more story options?

I need an egg on my head and then I can get poison?

You'll need an egg to make Eyngi talk to you and make him sell things to you.

There are two infested creatures in front of the entrance to Queelag. Hit them with an arrow (or anything that damages them but doesn't make them explode). Then they will crawl after you and start to attack you.

One of their attacks will infect you then.

Afterwards you can talk to Eyngi and also by Vermifuge Eggs to cure your infection.

^^^ thanks