Legends Of The WasteLand ??

Hey....How can you tell how many there are?Or how to join a game you want to play like Nightmare Mode..?Is there a way to find a game in Multiplayer or setup a game for others to join u?Cause i cant seem to do so.it only lets me join or setup a CoOp or Private match.At least thats all i see.And if thats the case that dumb....I have only played 2  maps i guess you can call them?Jail and something else.But it doesnt show how many maps there are to finish to get this Chivo....Thanks for the help....


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There's 9 levels, you can invite someone to a private game or sometimes the matchmaking will make you host so you can choose what legend you want to play and the difficulty.

just 1 thing though,if you're hosting only the levels you've completed + the next 1 will be available,so if you haven't done any only the 1st mission will be available if you host,the next becomes available after beating it and so on,if you're not hosting available levels will depend on how much the host has done,to be host in a quick match i'd select quick game then immediately leave the lobby if i wasn't alone and try again,usually got to be host within about 5 attempts,change the settings in game settings as host and you'll see the list of missions and option to switch to nightmare