Legendary's for sale

I have for sale a high collection of lvl 60 equipment for all classes, I am looking for top-end wizard gear that I am still trying to farm for.  Add me and I'll be glad to see if you have what I am looking for.

Here are the names of the items I have for sale (ill show stats in game, will take too long to type out)

Autumn's Call, Azurewrath, Bakkan Caster, Blackguard, Blade of Prophecy (50% MF), Doombringer, Flesh Tearer, Genzaniku, Incense torch of the Grand Temple, Kill, Maloths Focus, nailbiter, Odyn Son, Sever, Skorn, Spectrum, The Barber, broken Staff, The butchers Sickle, The Grand Vizier, The Grandfather, The Horadric Hamburger, The Tormentor, Warmonger.

^this is just a small selection of the weapons I have, have a wide variety of every other piece. 


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Aye man, those items are great and all, but without stats to show if they can be of use. I don't see this thread picking up any momentum.

I'm looking for gear that increases critical damage and critical chance for MONKs.

Based on the brief info of the items you posted, I can't determine if any of the gear you posted will be of use to me.

sup, i'm looking for witch doctor stuff atm and would appreciate if you message me or reply on this thread, also i agree about the stats for the items :)

agreed, would love to know if youve got any 'HALLOWED' weapons????