Legendary Weapons.

Anyone have good runs they do to get the legendary weapons....? I've done around a total of 60 runs between "The Warrior" - "Bunk3r" - and "Doc Mercy" and have only got 2 legendarys :/


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That's not very surprising legendary weapons are about 5% at maximum so 1/20 some are worse than that. The Mercenary Day dlc is a really good way to get loot and after you beat it takes maybe 5 mins for each kill on snowman for classes other than sal. The chest after snowman is like 6 red chest so that's a lot of chances to get good stuff.

Legendary weapons are extremely annoying to obtain through methods of grinding. I tend to do runs of the bugs and hope they morph into chubbys or better for legendary drops. It isn't always successful, but you get lucky sometimes.

I tend to stick with the loot migets in the Preservation. I noticed that one in eight midgets I killed I got a legendary, one in 32 droppped a pearlescent. I also have come across tubbys where Pimon and Tumba spawn and the opened area directly after the Bloodwings holding area. I have also got Legendaries in Mordicai's third hidden weapon stash. I also play in split screen with a second controller/ second player with a rare loot drop relic, whether any of that helps or not but you never know.

rare drops are blue and that relic is just help u out in the first part of the game where whites and greens only drop.