Legendary weapons

I need ALOT of legendary weapons, I Don't exactly have much money at this moment because i put it all into my " Saving albion " Fund - Still didn't save everyone - FAIL.

But i'm looking for legendary weapons, I Can allow people to come into my world and buy them from my shops, all i ask is that they give me a weapon in return.

My gamertag is Rocketpunch96 ( DUH! ) Message me if you're interested.


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Most people already have the weapons at the shop. you will probally have to trade or buy them off someone. It took me a week or two of trading and buying weapons from other players to get the achievment.

I need help with this as well, any help would be appreciated.

Im looking for three weapons

Briar's Blaster

Dragonstomper .48

Skorm's Justice

if you have any of these weapons i can trade them for some of these:


Beadle Cutlass x1

Jacks Hammer x1

malletts mallet x1

Scythes warhammer x1

Really Sharp Pair of Scissors x1

Slimquick x1

Thunderblade x1

Dragonbone Hammer x1

The Love Sword x2

The Merchant Bodyguard x2

Mr Stabby x2

The Splade x2

Aurora's shield x2

Faerie hammer of the moon king x2

The Casanova x3

Trollblight x3


Bloodcraver x1

Scattershot x1

Chickenbane x1

Desert Fury x1

Gnomewrecker x1

Sandgoose x1

Reaver Industries Perforator x1

Arkwright Flintlock x1

Facemelter x1

Shreiking Pilgrim x1

Holy Vengence x2

Ol' Malice x2

Defender Of The Faith x3

The Bonesmasher x3

Hero Companion x4

Mirians' Mutilator x4

Swift Irregular x4

message me if you wanna Trade

GT Goth online

I have completed the game with all but one achievement, I can't seem to get the one where you have to earn a thousand gold in another heroes world. But any one interested in any weapons I have left are welcome to add me to there friend list, I have given a few away helping people out, you're welcome to what I have left.

Anyone in this forum that is still looking for legendary weapons...add me then hunt me down....If I have what you need...u will get it......plus maybe a little gold on the side.....


• Avo's Lamentation

• The Merchants Bodyguard

• Slimquick

• Souldrinker

• The Splade


• Hammer of Wilmageddon

• Jack's Hammer

• Lunarium Pounder

• Mallet's Mallet

• Sorrow's Fist

• Tannar's Glory

• The Tenderiser

• Trollblight

• The TYPO


• The Barnumificator

• Bloodcraver

• Briar's Blaster

• Chickenbane

• Dragonstomper .48

• Reaver Industries Perforator

• Tee Killer Shooter


• Arkwright's Flintlock

• Defender of the Faith

• Facemelter

• The Sandgoose

• Simmons's Shotgun

• Skorm's Justice

• Swift Irregular

these are the weapons i need if anyone can help thanks