Legendary weapons pool...

Ive been trying to get this achievement for ages now and not been able to achieve it. IM guessing its not only me that is struggling to get them all. So ive come up with an idea but it will only work if we can get a good few people to all agree to it and all help each other out. By pooling all our weapons into the same place and each get the achievement 1 at a time.

Im guessing that between everyone on here that has posted about trading weapons between us we have everyone weapon at least once. Add you name to the list below if you think this could work i dont mind organiseing it but if everyone traded there weapons to 1 person for them to get the achievement then they just send them all to the next person and so on and so on until everyone has got the achievement. personally after i get the achievement i dont care about getting the weapons back.

What you all think???

1 - Spuda07










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