Legendary Weapons - Only achievement left!

Hi all,

So this is the only achievement I don't have and it's killing me!!

I only have 2 extras which are: Trollblight and The Bonesmasher, so I can swap those two if you don't have them. Or I can buy them all from you, but I imagine if you have all the weapons then you probably have loads of money and you don't need more!

Or if a really generous person wanted to loan me them until my achievement popped and I'll give them right back that would be awesome - I don't need them as I've finished it but just want the achievement.

People don't really like you joining their game and emptying their weapons shop it seems! Close to giving up on this one :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated

CrunchyMonkey01 (feel free to add me)


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Don't know if you are still in need, but here's a reply.

I don't understand why people should object to you buying weapons in their shops. The shops restock every few days anyway and they each shop just stocks the same weapons over and over. I wouldn't mind if you'd like to join one of my games and look for weapons. If you are still in need and interested, I am willing to let you shop. My gamer tags are Gatoraid13, sewdough, pistlpacknmama.  We have a family gold account for just 2 people so I made multiple gamer tags for myself. I've played a LOT of Fable III...LOL. Message me if you still need to shop for weapons.