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Greetings fellow gamers!

I'm new to Halo Reach. Just got the game in fact. And Im baffled by the text that says that I can have 15 players with me through the campaign... Is this true?? That's incredible.. and, frankly.. sounds like it makes the game insanely easy.

Anywho. Whether it is true or not, I'd like to assemble a team to which to plow covenant butts with. Anyone who is interested let me know in this thread and I'll add or PM you later. Keep in mind that I live in Sweden, which is in Europe, so depending on where you are we might not be available at the same time, so when you apply, please also tell which time zone you are on.

I look forward to gaming with all of you!

To infinity, and beyond! :P


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No, only four can be in the Campaign.

You can have up to 16 players in your Lobby Party, but you can only play Campaign with up to 4 players.

Really?... well that's confusing... Whats the point of having 16 in the lobby if you cant start a game with them?

[quote user="Roaziel"]Whats the point of having 16 in the lobby if you cant start a game with them?[/quote]So you can switch between lobbies and party up without having losing any players in your lobby.


Like switching from Campaign to Matchmaking to Custom Games, etc. To which Matchmaking and Custom Games can handle the 16 player maximum.

hmm.. still not sure I get it.. Xbox Live already has it's own party feature doesn't it?

Anyway. No matter :)...I'm still looking for a team to steamroll through the campaign with on Legendary. Anyone whose interested please let me know :). Also I'd be more than happy to help out if anyone wants to work together to get some achievements :).

You just got the game, didn't you?

Play through it yourself, don't just ask others to carry you through to some Achievements.

Ah, it's so refreshing to step into a forum and get condescending remarks. Can't get enough of that anywhere else....

Good old sarcasm. Makes life worth living. Just like that comment of yours surely makes you feel good about yourself.

Anyway. It may come as a lost concept to you, but some people actually enjoy playing co-op far more than solo. I have played solo, and well. After years of the same thing it's actually gotten kinda boring. But co-op has always been fun. And whether its Legendary or not doesn't really matter, that's just what I'd prefer.

Yes believe it or not, I play to have fun, and fun for me is to team up with other ;).

Well, i'm sure Bob's comment might have come us rude to you, he's being honest mate. It be best to go through it alone and on Legendary so you get all the achievements and bonus armor in one go. The game also turns more difficult with more players in game, but it's your choice if you want to play Co-Op.

Yeah, and I'm fully aware that there is an even bigger achievement if I do it alone. But that's not what it's about for me. I think it's a lot more fun playing co-op. I tried the solo campaign and it's boring to me. But the story interest me so I would like to go through it and see what happens.

Notice I didn't mentioned achievements at all in my first post. That should be a clue. I only mentioned achievements later cos I know some players are achievement hunters. I don't mind that as long as they wanna play.

Why is it hard to believe that I really might prefer co-op over solo? I love games like Gears of War, Army of Two, and I can't wait to get Portal 2 just for the co-op. I don't even play competitively online because I find it a lot more fun to play With my friends then against them.

Thanks for the civilized post though.

Im looking for coop if u wanna play

Sure, hit me up whenever you want :)

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