Legendary ships

Has anyone taken these on and defeated them yet? Just wondering because today I decided to try my luck on these ships on the right side of the map knowing full well I couldn't win. I got one of the ships down to half health and then was sunk lol. I think they are level 78 or something. I imagine it must be towards the end of the game when JackDaw is powerful enough to defeat these ships.


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My ship's armor is maxed and I need one more upgrade to have the amount of cannons maxed out  the fire power strength is maxed out and and so is my mortars and I have yet to beat one of these monster ships yet. I came very close once but didn't get it.

Did the one in south east corner. Managed to get right behind it and then ram and use forward canons constantly.   First got in a bunch of mortor shots.  Took four attempts. There are some great YouTube videos to give ideas on how to tackle them.

Like was just said Go from behind as the ship is to heavly armoured on the side that is your best bet

Did do them all,but i won't lie about it,they were all tough in their own ways(slight variation on tactics on each is required to do well)and i did die quite a few times through trial and error.


I'll give one hint about the pair of legendary ships you face without doing a youtube and pretty much doing the fight for you...deal as much damage as possible to BOTH  ships before you sink one of them.

I have checked out youtube videos and I have full hull armor. I want to fully upgrade my mortar and broadside cannons before I attempt a legendary battle again. I will check youtube for the locations of those plans.

I have max cannons and hull armour and I got it down to half then was sunk :/

Tried the ship in the top left part of the map the other day. Didn't turn out too well for Edward Kenway lol. I'm determined to beat all of them...at some point.

I've beat them all, I'm not going to lie it wasn't easy.  The most effective strategy I found was to lob a couple of mortars whilst trying to get in close and ram them when I could with a broadside to the rear.  As Honourless has stated, when you take on the two at the same time, don't destroy one first, get them both to near sunk, then mortar the two of them as quick as you can, otherwise when the first is sunk, the second ship becomes very aggressive. I can't remember which one it is, but it has far superior maneuverability than the Jackdaw and it will try to ram you.  The easiest way to defend this is to turn away from it and use fire barrels.  Finally its best to upgrade the jackdaw completely, it makes things just that little easier.

I nearly had one. Had it about one shot then it got me with mortars just as I was trying to finish it off with a ram from behind. Going to get some more metal and get the final upgrade on my cannons and try again. I'll post a video of it when I get it.

Yep the final upgrade to my cannons was all I needed.