Legendary Edition Bonus Content Problem


I grabbed the Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach a couple of days ago for a nice bargain and I have redeemed the code on Xbox Live, however there appears to be no option for the Flaming Helmet in the Armoury section.

The code worked when I redeemed it with the information stating it was the Legendary Edition Bonus Content code with the Flaming Helmet and Elite Armour. But they appear nowhere. Help! :(


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Have you tried re-downloading again?

The flaming helmet will be under the "Armor Effect" selection in the Armory under the name, "Legendary" and the Elite Armor will be called "Officer" and on the bottom of the list in the Elite Armor selection.

Tried re-downloading it a couple of times and they still have not appeared, then tried resetting the cache and that has not worked either. I tried giving it a Google Search but cannot find anything.  :(

I see noone has a solution. I'll have to try the Bungie Forums. Hopefully I can get this resolved.

Isn't this the issue where only a few pieces of content can be activated at once, or no?


I'd need someone else to come and expand on it but unless that issue was fixed it seems it could be it.

Yes, Bob is correct!


Do you have Bungie Pro? If you do, delete the 'Bungie Pro' file in your Hard-Drive. (Don't worry, it's nothing useful, just a recipt)


If that doesn't work, you can also try to delete the 'Bonus Recon Helmet' (as it's included with Legenday)


Hope this fixes your problem!

Thanks for the replies, you two!  :)

I got it sorted last night after a reply on the Bungie.net Forums. Someone suggested the Bungie Pro deletion on the harddrive, like you have both mentioned above, and that worked.