Legendary Co-op

Hey everyone, sincerely sorry for joining in with the co-op spam, but none of the people who made the posts are responding to me or have already done it.

I'm looking for someone to do Legendary Co-op with, I would rather someone who isn't 9 year old child, but instead a mature person. Thanks for taking your time to read! :) I'll be on most times, I'm on holidays at the moment, and if it helps, I'm Australian, incase of time zones and what not. 


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That is true and some of them quit half way thru a campaign. Do you need any hao reach ahivments. I'm looking to complete them but I need two people. I have on left for anniversary but I'll play with you. Its a really fun and classic game

Whoops. This is my old gamertag. Add my primary Biggso7 ill be on in the after noon

Anyone want to do a run through co op add me