Left Thumbstick glitch

For some reason beyond me, my LS stopped working completely in Halo 4. All other games it's fine, but Halo 4 it just doesn't work anymore. What's the deal here? Controller is fine in other games. I prefer LS to sprint and it is a huge inconvenience to switch button layouts just to be able to use it again.

What I've tried:

  • Re-installing Halo 4
  • Restarting the X-Box
  • New batteries for controller
  • Other controller

Conclusion: It ain't my controller.

So, what gives?


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I have the same problem only it started AFTER I replaced the left thumbstick. Now the click is intermittent. It only happens in Halo games where left click is sprint. Rarely when you click it will STAY sprinting. Most of the time you have to HOLD DOWN the stick to stay sprinting. Sometimes it won't work at all. This all happens during the same game play. I replaced the left thumbstick because it was old and wouldn't return all the way to center. Now the left click won't work properly. I've tried 3 different brand new stick components from 2 different suppliers and the same thing still happens.  All the new sticks check out on the multimeter. Does anybody have any clue?

Buy new Xbox, not refurbished, new controller(not an off brand) and a new halo cd+Gamertag. I guarantee it will fix.

^^ In conclusion, spend all your money to fix it rather than learning to play on a different button layout. :P

Hehe, think smarter not more expensive!

Your comments aren't very helpful. I was hoping someone with controller repair or electronics experience could help.

"Buy new Xbox, not refurbished, new controller(not an off brand) and a new halo cd+Gamertag. I guarantee it will fix. "

Gash, when u ask for help with something, i'll make sure i give you a smart @@@ answer. I swear some people are just punk a**es no matter what....

re-install halo4 disk 1-2,  use a CORDED controller? turn off crouch toggle,  wish i had better advice.  but i didnt see any of these up there.

OK, first things first. I've noticed this happening, but it seems to happen in games that are a bit laggy. With me, it tends to act as if I'm constantly holding the L-thumbstick down (BTW, I click once  to sprint and I don't have to hold it to stay sprinting... don't know why some of yours wouldn't act that way?) Anyway, there are some games where I can sprint, stop for several seconds and then, without clicking the thumbstick again, as soon as I move I begin sprinting again. Normally I only have to stop for a fraction of a second for it to 'reset' and moving again resumes normal movement speed. It is actually pretty rare that it 'sticks', but it does happen enough that I've wondered what was going on with it. As I said though, it seems to happen in laggy games.


I can tell you this however. I have a new controller that I got for my b/d... it's only a couple months old and using L thumbstick works fine for any other game(s). It only seems to 'stick' in Halo 4 MP and even then, it doesn't happen consistently. Also, clicking it again in an attempt to 'un-stick' it (even repeatedly) doesn't correct the issue either. I'm not convinced, in my experience, that it's a controller issue. That's about all I can add, don't know if it'll help or not.


I do have to ask though. For those of you who have replaced thumbsticks, where do you find the replacements? Also, are there any special steps needed to calibrate the new thumbstick after you replace it? IDK if I'm just hard on thumbsticks or what, but I seem to need a new controller pretty regularly just because of drifting / sticking thumbsticks. I probably have 4 controllers sitting here that are perfectly good working controllers except for that. If you guys could give me any info on finding replacement thumbsticks and/or any tips on how to replace them, I'd really appreciate it!

From what I know all you have to do is go to either eBay or Amazon and order an OEM part and replace it yourself... although if the thumbstick is loose and wont re-position itself then its the mechanical part that needs to be replaced and that is a real pain because you actually have to solder that piece on the motherboard...