Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising?

I just started playing Xbox only a few months and just joined Live. I was wondering which Zombie game series was better, Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising? I've heard good things about both, but can't decide. Any suggestions/comments? Also, I'm looking for new Xbox Live buddies, so feel free to send me an add request :) Thanks for the help!


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Welcome ShadowKiss93!  Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising? I would choose Dead Rising. You should also look up a game called Dead Island, looks like another fun zombie game.

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Left 4 Dead is more cooperative and even more fun so I'll go with that, and sure feel free to add me if you like... :)

Left 4 Dead, more fun and more replay value with friends, Dead Rising is the best out the two. Great single player game.

to be honest i have them both and i really didn`t like either,i love zombie games though thats why i bought them.if i was going to choose though i would say dead rising 2 is best,but it aint great.

I own both games, and both games are great. L4D is a online experience, and dead rising is more a single player game. If I had to pick one, I would say L4D.

It has been awhile since i have played L4D, so I am not sure what the community on there is like, but I have been thinking of playing it again. I enjoyed both L4D games. Dead Rising had its pros and cons. I like it, but know a lot who did not like it.  Dead Rising 2 does have 2 player co op online, but that is it.

L4D is a much more intense zombie game, which requires teamwork to survive. Playing on expert is the ultimate challenge, and a lot of fun with a good team. I have met a lot of good people, but like any online game, there are a lot of idiots on there as well. You can get both now pretty cheap. I suggest get L4D and later down the road get DR.

Left 4 dead!! <3

left 4 dead for sure! i havent really got into dead rising but i could already say that left for dead is the best bet. its a coop game and you could met some friends on there. it has really addictive gameplay too!

Left 4 dead 2 is a good multiplayer shooter much better than playing CoD although i did eventually get a bit bored of it and took it back (though i sometimes feel in the mood for a game) and Dead rising 2 is a great single player/co-op zombie slashing game, theres not much of a story (more than L4D) but its fun to just go around killing zombies with anything you can get your hands on. i also took DR2 back aswel but i will be getting DR2:OTR when it comes out.

Personally i would suggest Dead Rising 2, but its also worth picking up L4D2 aswel there both pretty cheap now any way.

You want zombies? What about Alien Zombies? Try Dead Space 1 & 2. These are my favorite games on the xbox, there is not a single thing about either of them that I don't like.


They do have a story, so it would be nice to play the first one, well, first. It would help you understand more, but if you really must get 2 before 1, it would still be a great experience.


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