Left 4 Dead gamers. Anyone?

As you can see, this game's old now and I only see alot of people go online. I dont know if I posted on the right section but if anyone would be interested for a match, it would be awesome.

We can either play:

* 4 versus 4 friendly match with rules

*ordinary match without rules

*battle of the genders.


Place one of this before the new forums came out and god knows where it is right now so hit this thread up if you're up for it. Thanks. I love this game and I would want it to continue.


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I would like to try anything out. I have only played Campaign by myself. It was fun. But I know if I get with a group of people its more fun. I tried a couple matches tonight but got "Disconnected" both times. Not sure if I was kicked out of the room or what. it just said disconnected.

Anyways I am interested. I have L4D1

Sure, sounds like fun. I prefer the 1st Left for Dead though (I have both however). I will send you both a friend request and when you see me online, just send an invite across. It is fun when you are with a group of people to talk to.

Shoot me a Invite I just pick L4D1 and nobody on my friend list play it

Send me a friend request. I would be glad to go through. Do you have a headset? It makes the game much better if you do.

Okay. That'll be nice if we could actually set up a friendly 4 versus 4 match in Left 4 Dead. If you have friends, please feel free to hit me up. Its getting boring lobby hopping into random games. -_-

I'd be up for it too! I love left 4 deads multiplayer :D need to get go threw the singleplayer again since im on a new gamertag.... feel free to add :)