leaving game = quitting stat

I noticed that leaving a game (not dashboarding out, but legitimately leaving a game through the menu at the beginning of a match) counts as a quit in your Battlelog stats. So within a few weeks everyone is going to have a huge quitting percentage stat in their Battlelog account. Apparently there's no way to leave a server safely without it counting as quitting the match. And the best part is you have to wait for the next map to load before you're even given a chance to leave a game. It kind of makes me wish they had some type of lobby system like CoD.


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been a problem since Bad Company 2 I was hoping they'd fix that

BTW I just checked my stats I have no quits, I left a game at the start last night and today before work and my quit % is 0%

It says I quit 11%. I have backed out of a lot of games to play with people in my party...I'm surprised it's not higher to be honest.

Maybe as long as you exit the game before the countdown to start the match ends it doesn't count as quitting? That would be my guess because I have done that a few times and my quits say 0%.

How ironic because that's the only way to get out of the game.  I posted a topic on this on the battlelog beta forums.  It had a ton of replies, none official.  This needs to be addressed.  I don't get why anyone would think it's a good idea to quit AFTER the game starts.  All that ends up happening is uneven teams.  

While I'm at it, it would be able to at least change your loadout while you are waiting for the game to start, or that silly 20 or so second countdown timer where you do absolutely nothing while waiting for the match to officially begin.

I made a post on the Battlelog forums.  If you guys could help keep this topic alive, maybe we can get this fixed..


That is a silly thing to leave out, personally I find it rude.  I would rather leave after the game is done, it leaves a spot open for another player to join in before the match starts ( I doubt anyone is a fan of joining a game after it is already going).  The stage should be set and the only ones leaving are the ones who have to for whatever reason.  That right there could be a major factor in regards to being able to join games because when someone leaves, it wants to connect another player, how many does it try to connect before one is accepted and what happens to the rest who were chosen but didn't get in?  Probably ends with problems connecting.  Either way an option to not quit during the lobby is just retarded and should be fixed with the next patch.  Its rude to the other players IMO but what choice is there?

There is no other choice.

lol why even care.  Sometimes life calls and you have to leave the game no biggie.

That's stupid - you can't leave unless the game is going - one of my annoyances with all recent Battlefields ( and Gears).

You can quit Gears right after the game ends.  Hit the start button and leave to main menu.