LEAKED F.I.B. TV Show From [Spoiler]

No story spoilers but does contain gameplay. Not the best quality, but it is a leak. Also, I can't guarantee how long this will stay up, so watch as soon as you see this. Enjoy.



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Sweet find! I can't wait to shoot up some Ballas again!

This is awesome, thanks for posting!

My God you need glasses! Can't you read the "Spoiler Warning" Announcement/Sticky or are you just trying to be an ignorant jack***?


Nice vid though.

what part of that is a spoiler? that there's some kind of cop show in gta 5? oh my god he ruined the entire game ban him forever!!! here's another huge spoiler:






there's music in the game

Still warns of spoilers would be nice it shows things that are in the game.  I've seen this video almost a month ago though.

NPC gangs :O

i will find myself engaging these NPC gangs on the regular :) i am pretty sure i will attract law enforcement as well *ha haa*