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I'm trying to find out how i can lead my clan better.Our last leader left us because he joined another clan and my members decided to put me as leader.>>they all have alot of faith in me. im a little scared becaues i dont want to disappoint them but i want to try to do the best i can for my members so far we have about 45-50members i need some tips on how to lead them better.


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Well, I'm 1 of 3 Leaders of a Clan, And the way we run things, even though we are still recruiting because we're low on members, we have a Rank Structure which we use to Rank members power in the clan, even though all suggestions do count! If you want to see what it looks like go to  http://extremetacticalgaming.net/content.php?129-Rank-Structure  

We have ProSim Teams we use for competitive play

The games we have ProSim Teams for are


Modern Warfare 3

Leader - ETG Semper Fi (Myself)

Co-Leader - ETG xCoDexReD

Link to Roster and other info http://extremetacticalgaming.net/forum/showthread.php?93-Modern-Warfare-3-Competitive-Roster-and-Regulations-Led-By-ETG-Semper-Fi

Battlefield 3

Leader - ETG TacoKing69 [Could change soon]

Co-Leader - None

Forza Motorsport 4

Leader - ETG cocoloco16

Co-Leader - xKSAx Firehawk

Halo Series

Leader - None [Team is yet to be started]

Co-Leader - None [Above]

We also have a YouTube Team, these are essential to become popular, and can be used just as a Extra Curricular Activity for the Clan...

None of our Teams are fully filled, we're still recruiting for everything...

I know this might not help you but this possibly could give you some ideas, and such.

this really has helped me alot . we have a halo team set up with most of my members in it,a gears of war 3 team and

a battlefield and modern warfare 3 team(still in development) so if u want we could try to do clan matches once ur halo team gets started.if you have any other suggestions im open i could use all the advice i can get.

Alright that sounds great! And when you get your MW3 Team started, we'll do matches in that too! And suggestion wise, I gave you a link to our Rank System, but once you start building up members you should consider making a "Council" to keep up with some things in the clan! If you want to talk more PM me on Xbox and I'll give you my email and I'll do whatever you need me to do to help!

what's the youtube team for?advertising?

Listen to what your members want helps as well.

Yes, KI Tasuke is right...But the YouTube Team is used for multiple reasons...Advertising, but I use it just for the enjoyment of seeing good feedback...