Just logged into find myself 5 or 6 levels back and ranked 6,000,000 or something in the Team Defender leaderboards ( i was 776) Ive noticed alot of my friends who were in and around the 1-10k mark also back to 6 million,there is people with 1k kills ahead of me when i have over 5k kills in the kills leaderboards..My KD has gone from 1.67. to 1.64 and some purchases from the prestige shop has also vanished,although i got the tokens back.. Any ideas whats wrong with this?? 


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Leaderboards were ok when i went back on there,weird,still reset 6 levels tho ,oh well :)

Personally I do not look at the leader boards except to see how I am doing against my friends.

I heard that they put ranks back for people that have been dashboarding...

It happened to me after the patch last night, I was rank 1000ish in KC and 12000 for overall score. Post patch it dropped to 6 million also, luckily this mornig everything was back to normal.


Are leaderboards really that important?

^This, i could care less about people i don't know, i only compare and compete with people i know.

i got reset 6 levels to but the leaderboards were fine

Nope, the rank loss is due to having a corrupted file. The game resets your rank to where it was last time the server saved it. Nothing can be done about. Now it very well may be that DBing can cause the corruption,I dont know. But it is not something that was put into the game by the DEVs