Leader Of The Pack Achievement?

Do I have to befriend 5 wolves in one game to get this achievement unlocked?

Can I join my friend's game and have 3 wolves and get back to my own world and have the rest 2 wolves?


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I think it may have to be in one game, but I could be wrong. The reason I say so is that I befriended 5 wolves without having 5 all at once. Had 3, lost 1, found 2 more and it popped. It might count total, not consecutive, so it might be possible in the way you describe.

I don't think it has to be in the same game. I got mine after getting three in one world, and two in a different world...I'm pretty sure I did anyway.

Ah, well then there you have it, I guess.

Nah does't have to be in one world, I got this over 3 different saves

^^ Same here, I got it with 3 in my world and 2 in a friends.

I really haven't gotten it yet because it's so hard to find wolves right when you already have 2.

..and yeah. I'm pretty sure from what I know, dude. Yeah, one world.

Wait so it counts them all even if lets say I have 4 wolves 3 of them die.then I get another.So it equals 5 in total??