LCSO is now *RECRUITING*!Join now before it's too late! TBOGT! MUST HAVE MIC!

Hello my Gamertag is BC911DISPATCHER. We are a very realistic, and professional clan who does roleplaying. I am the Commissioner, Founder, Leader, and Owner of LCSO. LCSO stands for Liberty City's Sheriff's Office. We are currently recruiting the following.

1. Citizens/ Robbers

2. City Patrol 

3. Highway Patrol

4. Sheriff Deputy's

5. S.E.R.T Members (S.W.A.T)

6. NOOSE/ Border Patrol Officer's

7. Baliff's

8. Tool Booth Operators

9. Attorney's

10. Website Managment

11. LIVE Broadcasters. (Capture Cards)

12. EMT( Ambulance Driver's)

To join please visit the following website for more info, and for your application. .Or if you don't/ can't fill out the application please post below.

1. Gamertag

2. Age

3. You Job (Citizen or one of the above)

4. Your experience

5. Can you attend more than 8 patrols a month?

6. Do you have a computer availiable

7. Your timezone?

Thank You and good luck!


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Well, this clan does not function properly. First clue, there are to many "official" positions. Usually when there are that many positions, everyone is spread thin and the patrols fail.

Coming from a former clan leader of "The Police Department of Liberty City", running for three years, since the release of the game.

Can you do us all a favor and STAY THE H*** OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S CLAN TOPICS??? Are you that much of a no-life that you monitor the forums 24/7, waiting to knock on the "newest" clan thread? Please do us all a favor HMG and GETALIFE!!!

BC911DISPATCHER, you do seem to have waaaaaaaaaay too many divisions IMO. You should really take some that are needed out. This will not only improve the flow of your patrols or RPs, it will free up space and free up space on the map.

Are that much of an idiot to be nasty towards me and then agree with me at the bottom, as if you were disregarding what I said in some fail attempt to make it your own idea, as you have with everything else? LegendOfGta, if you want me to stop doing whatever it is you think that I am doing. Get your *** out of my face, and maybe I will. (That is Metaphor) It means, you're following me around so much, you are definitely a homosexual.

Once again TRUCE!

1. Gamertag: a todger

2. Age: 19

3. You Job (Citizen or one of the above): Citizen.

4. Your experience: well playing and completing Grand Theft Auto IV should be enough i mean your a citizen in there right?.

5. Can you attend more than 8 patrols a month?: No because i want to be a citizen.

6. Do you have a computer availiable: Yes.

7. Your timezone? GMT, London,Lisbon,dublin,edinsburg

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't SWAT and NOOSE the same thing?

Yes, lol they are the same thing. As far as Grand Theft Auto IV goes haha

lol. Then there really should be no need to have those divisions seperate. What I think you should do is give Border Patrol duties to SERT, or just call it NOOSE and give them both powers and jurisdication. Trust me; having too many divisions can get messy, and even though it may make your clan LOOK professional, the newbies will soon see how chaotic it can get with all these divisions.

how old do u have to be?