LCPD - Recruiting

We are once again recruiting after a slight pause, we are dealing with troubling members who were stealing our clan's information.
(XxKiLL0GRaMxX  &  xhillzvet15x)

Yes, I know pointing fingers at people is prohibited by forum CoC and Regulations.


          ABOUT THE CLAN
 The L.C.P.D., more specifically known as "The Police Department of Liberty City" is a role-playing police clan on "Grand Theft Auto IV". We operate on "The Ballad of *** Tony". Here is how it works, keep in mind. We do this with the help of nothing but a website you are on right now, we use no source of modding of any type. First off, all new recruits start out as civilians and have to work their way up to be a police officer. Basically, to get into a game, you will be required to RSVP. You will do this by going on Xbox LIVE and sending xHMGx a message and then you will just wait for the time of the game, you should receive and invite. Once you receive and invite, you will get into the game and the Commissioner will brief you. This will contain anything from, the island we are playing today to what we hope to expect from this game or what we did not like about the last game as well as explaining the rules to any new members. It is important to your membership and recommendation, that you do not interrupt the Commissioner while he is talking. Once you are in the game, you will have approximately five minutes, to get to the point on the map you want without any consequences of getting in trouble for speeding or reckless driving. However, this is not a five minute pass to do whatever you want. If you are where you want to be, act as if the game has already started and wait for everyone else to get situated. These five minutes is mainly for the police to get their equipment and to get anything extra set-up. Okay, at this point the game has pretty much already started. You will follow all the American traffic laws, whether you think Americans are stupid or what. We don't care, rules are rules. Contrary to popular belief, rules are not meant to be bent or broken. They are there for you to follow and failure to do so will get you expelled from the Department. Anyways, you will follow all the traffic laws. Depending on the crime, you will get fined, arrested or warned. However, if it is a crime you are consistent with or reckless with, you will get an "Official Warning". Three of these "O.W.'s" will get you banned from the clan for a certain amount of time, (day, week, month, etc.) Now, in the RSVP you should have have chosen a job if you sent the RSVP in correctly. This is the job you will be expected to do in the game, by doing your job you will earn money, which you can buy vehicles, land, and buildings with. You are solely responsible for the realism of our clan. If you are not doing your job or playing realistically, you are not bringing anything new or real to the clan and therefore not making the game exciting for anybody new and then the clan would ultimately fail. So, if you want to just drive around and follow the rules great. But, it would be one hundred thousand times better if you were doing something "constructive". The game will usually go on for about an hour or so, after this it will be announced the game has ended and the Commissioner will leave the game. Then, everything will be added to the site. (Crimes, Warnings, Bans, Deposits/Transactions, etc.)

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