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I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this, but I'm in a bit of a pickle in trying to figure out what's going on.

So, I got my CE of Forza 4 from EB Games and recieved their pre-order code for the Alfa Romeo. I used the Alfa Romeo code first, with no difficulty. However, when I tried to enter in the two (of the three) separate codes that came with the CE ( the early buyer car pack and the LCE car pack with VIP membership), it kept on saying it was downloaded already. Now, I did notice that the Alfa Romeo plus the two other DLC packs were all 370.93MB in size, is this the problem?

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same difficulty that I am. I would really like to have my VIP membership and cannot seem to get it. 

Any help is appreciated.


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I haven't got it yet but reading forums it seems that one code downloads the whole lot and the as you put in each additional code it unlocks the rest. So you have probably downloaded it already. Have you got a little crown next ot your name on the leadeboards? If so that means you are a VIP. Also it seems a lot of people think you automatically get the cars free in your garage but you have to still purchase them from the relevant dealers as far as i understand.

have you downloaded the bmw already?


The LCE Download the BMW Download and the Launch Car pack download are all the same file. All it is doing is unlocking those cars in that file for you. So if you've downloaded one it will happen instantly. You still get the cars. It is just setup that way.

I downloaded the M5, then inputted all the codes with no problem. I haven't noticed the crown yet.

You can check what you have downloaded easily by going to the in-game marketplace.  I thought my codes were messed up too just like you.  When you go to the marketplace that is in the game it should show that you have purchased every car that is available.  I hope this helps.

I have another question about the Limited Edition.  I thought i read several weeks ago that the "Season Pass" came with the LE, which is one big reason why i purchased it.  but when i opened it i couldn't find anything about it, just the 3 codes to download the car packs.  Did i believe wrong information from someone who assumed that the Season Pass would be included with the LE, or am i just not seeing it?



I never read anywhere that we were supposed to get a season pass with the LCE.  Mine didn't come with it either.  They did add the first DLC pack to it though (American Muscle pack).  I was pretty happy about that because it is probably the only pack I would have purchased anyway.  I would have rather had a season pass instead of that book we got (as I stated in another thread).  I guess that's how it goes though.  I'm still glad I bought the LCE though.

Thanks, Ron.  I'm not sure if it was at a gamespot forum or elsewhere.  I never saw an official statement from Turn 10 concerning it, so i shoulda known that it wasn't going to be.


But yeah, me too, I'm happy still with the LE, the extra car packs are nice and the steelbook case is great.  The car picture book is ok but the Season Pass would've been far better.  I'm not certain if i'll get the season pass though, even though i love Forza, as i'm not competitive online and really won't need the extra cars and tracks that comes with it.  If there's a track or car pack i do like, though, could i still but it seperately w/out buying the Season Pass?

Yes. You can buy all the packs separately without having the season pass. The Season pass is just a discount option. You can buy all packs that will come out but you will pay full price of course.

That's good.  Yeah, i was just gonna pick one here-and-there.  But if I were getting everything I'd definitely get the Season Pass.

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