LAUZ Crimson Phoenix Recruiting

The Crimson Phoenix branch of LAUZ is rather new, and is recruiting members to anyone with a good attitude, and the ability to win.  

No "Dashboarders" are permitted to join. We play Black Ops, Mw2, Battlefield BC 2, Halo: Reach, and others as well as reviews on Indie/Arcade games.

The Website is under construction and will be completed shortly, under this domain:  

Gamebattles will be underway shortly, we are currently deciding members of the GB teams, message me, and Ill let you know who to talk to. 

IF GB isnt your thing, we understand. LAUZ is also a great clan for fun public matches, and an almost guaranteed win every time.

Send me a message if you are interested. 

- LAUZ Co-Leader and Head of Crimson Phoenix branch-

Noctis Everto


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message sent  to your gamertag


Due to questions from players who have found interest, here are answers to some questions.

  • We play anytime that you would find a LAUZ member online. 
  • We have scheduled meetings, yes, but most are NOT mandatory, a message will be sent if otherwise.
  • Messages will be sent out from Higher up LAUZ members about goings on, Including:
  1. Gamebattles matches and updates
  2. Select Indie/Arcade games of possible interest
  3. Possible Codes for Game Betas (Provided we receive them. We do on Occasion.)
  • LAUZ Prefers a winning team. If you have interest in Gamebattles, and other such competitions for Call of Duty, you  may get accepted, Pre-req's Include:
  1. A decent Kill/Death Ratio (1.50+)
  2. A decent Win/Loss Ratio (1.00+) [Win Loss is required to show that you can help win... Also helps keep "dashboarders" from joining] 
  3. A Good Attitude
  4. An Account with Gamebattles (Provided the occasion is indeed a GB match)
  • We mostly play for 2 reasons, Winning and Fun, Crazy right? 
  • LAUZ DOES NOT care about your class setup, use what youre best with.
  • We do NOT Require a change of Gamertag, simply a nod to LAUZ in your Motto or Bio, as well as clan tag set to "LAUZ" In-game.
  • If you would like to change it upon your own accord, feel free! It helps spread the name out into the community.

::Disclaimer:: We do not obsess over stats and GB/MLG. IT is purely the next level for players who wish to enrich their experience by combating other clans and players in a tourney style environment. The reasons for Pre-Req's in GB matches are simple, IF we play, we plan to win. Simple as that.