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Too much focus on the negative, here's the trailer (try to ignore the music)

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Too much focus on the negative; what’s is wrong with you? IGN says the game sucks. When a highly rated internationally praised publication such as this says that, there is no such thing as “too much focus”. The world is coming to an end my friend, and to make matters worse there is some sandwich going around that 10 out of 10 people do not like

^^ lol. Man what time will you be on today so we can hit this up? I'm not touching single player at all lol.


 Waiting for my copy to arrive so any min now.

Well I'll be on in a few hours probably, might need to relax from work first.

Got my copy sitting here at work with me....for now I'm just gonna have another bite of this vomit sandwich somebody gave me for lunch

^mmmmmm vomit san-----BLEEEEHHHHHHAHHHH!

On another note I would like to game it up with some of yous guise in the near future.  None of my friends will be getting this I don't think....*sadface*