Latest update has broken Titanfall completely

Wow... Just wow.

Titanfall has been my favorite game... But since this last update, and after installing Expedition, I either can't get a game, or once the game is over it separates the two sides and makes you search for another opposition team... Even during the campaign. Plus I can't seem to get any games associated with the new maps.

Is this just happening to me?


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No problems here.

Yesterday I did get a 'Lost Connection to Server' message while in the menus but after that it was smooth sailing.

Man... You guys are lucky. Been playing for a few hours now, and after nearly every game it separates the two teams and has to matchmake all over again... So going from one game to another takes about 5mins or more at the moment.

Before it was smooth as butter... Now, it just takes you out of the moment too much... Well me anyways.

I'm literally sitting here as I type waiting for the next opposition team to be found.

My experience has pretty much mirrored exactly what the OP stated. I am wondering about the new maps. It says they are in the "Hard Point and Attrition" games, but the only place I seem to get them is in the variety pack which I am not crazy about. I would also like to say that my TF experience has been pretty much seamless before this update.  I used to get matches trouble free and immediately now it's several minutes, then a match, then several minutes ad infinitum. I am pretty sure they will trim it out w/ a tweak or two but it has been annoying to say the least.

10mins and counting... It just brought 3 players in, then they disappeared?

Maybe it's just Aussie server issues?

No, I am utilizing "North Central US" data center. So...

Sad face :(

Same here.  I was trying to play.  Open NAT, say 22 for the ping.  It was fine then the new dlc.  I did not purchase it fyi.  Starting yesterday it takes forever to find a match and fill both sides.  Then after each match the other side disappears and it starts finding a new set of players.  Plenty of lost server connections.  Then it even lags in the game at times.  No, not the frames drop that happens but actual lag.  My connection test fine and no other games on anything lags.  Just this game.  And it did start after the update.

And I am not the only one.  Others I know with this game on the One are experiencing this so hopefully it is something they can fix.

On and eastern U.S. server.

I was playing Attrition and I played on 2 of the 3 new maps.

My game crashed in the middle of a match and it won't launch and I've tried uninstalling then reinstalling it and it won work

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