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@fourzerotwoRobert Bowling 
Updated MW3 today; you'll notice improved lag comp, theater fixes, nerf to Striker, buff to all other shotguns, upload to YouTube faster.
24 Jan via web
Few things I noticed:
1. Even worse lag then before ( I mostly get in matches 50-75ms). Example:
    a.) Bad lag - Hip fire a guy passing to the right with half of my 100 round mag.  I stopped shooting and faced forward because another guy was there.  The guy I shot was running for another 3 seconds like nothing happened and then I get "You killed ....." . I mean, whoa...  3 seconds later he dropped dead.
        Even when I start shooting at a guy from side or back he can turn around and shoot me.  I know it happened before but this is more common now.  Forget one on one battles.  Almost all lost.
  b.) Good lag - I would say a god mode.  I can shoot at 2 people close range, and I would kill them in few shots and they can be auto spraying and not kill me.  Even I felt I should not be able to get 2 of them at once. Most one on one battles (without any faster aiming etc) I can win with only few shots.
For such a close quarter combat as in MW3 you need a better way of handling connections as the combat is fast  and you can notice lag much better.  I noticed lag in MW2 sometimes but it wasn't bad because you didn't die every few seconds and had those WTF moments. 
Not to mention any bolt action sniper rifles (no, I do not quick scope) but I enjoy sniping on some of the maps.  If the lag is bad you will be getting nothing but hit markers.  Since maps are small, combat is close, people with bad lag stand little chance on winning.
What I also noticed in MW2 when the lag hit everyone stuttered, but then it would either come back to normal or disconnect from session if it was too much.  In MW3 they tried to make that smoother (barely see any stuttering) so people with good connections will get punished because they will be ahead behind the guy who caused the lag.
Overall, I still enjoy the game as I want to get all 10 custom classes and all pro perks and attachments for all the guns :)



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