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I feel like I've played this game before. No I'm not talking about MW2, I'm talking about BO.


In MW2 the connections were fantastic. It was almost like playing on a Dedicated Server. BO rolls around and the connections are crap thanks to poor net code. Now, it seems as if MW3 is having the same latency issues as BO did.


Enemies firing as I'm coming around the corner because they see me before I turn that corner, emptying half a clip just to kill one enemy, etc. I was really looking forward to this CoD title as IW always seemed to have the superior net code. Now I'm starting to doubt my fondness of the CoD franchise.


Is anyone experiencing these issues, or am I just going bonkers?


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Yes, ever since CoD2. Wasn't as noticeable back then, but it was there. Although I think Black Ops is overall a better game, it had the worst lag issues of the series imo. MW2 follows a very close 2nd as far as lag goes and I haven't had enough time with MW3 yet to give it a fair opinion because it's so early. Just my opinion from my experiences with the games.


It just shows me the lack of attention the devs are giving their games lately. Instead of tightening up their game, they'd rather add more bells and whistles.

Makes the game unplayable for a guy like me. I see a guy the same time he sees me. We both open fire and I die in 2 hits. I watch the kill cam and see that he saw me first and was firing a good 1/2 second to a second before I started. My only chance is to shoot someone in the back. Tons of fun. I hope they fix this unplayable game.

The game's not unplayable, you just need to find a room that better suits your connection. If you're gaming solo, the matchmaking is superb. I notice a huge difference between running alone and running with friends. When I party up with friends it's a roller coaster ride of connection compatibility and frustration.

I have had loads of problems on this. Guys shooting before I get round a corner and dying from what looks like one shot from a gun that isnt even firing after I hit my target 5 or 6 times. I hope this is sorted soon cause even with these problems I still wanna play.

are you usning wireless or ethernet, im on 10mb and use ethernet (cable ) nat open, and its perfect.

i havn't got to play very much because i have to work, but when i have played i haven't noticed any lag or other problems.  seems to be pretty solid.

When were the MW2 connections perfect?  I got killed from around the corner in almost every game.  Blops might have been slightly worse, but they were far from perfect in MW2.

I get lag when partied up with folks from afar. When I play alone, its usually a four bar. I cant find a "LOCALE" search like BOs, had. MW3 needs that to help out some.

I thought I was the only one with the cornering issue. I love playing, but the latency issues are driving me nuts. I'm sure they'll patch it or something.

You got outplayed, end of story.

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